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Why do you need to involve an SEO specialist at the site development stage?

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Almost every owner of modern business encountered the development of sites somehow. What does a typical website creation scenario look like for a company? First, the structure of the resource and its design are developed, according to the wishes of the customer. Then the site is placed on the hosting, and then only the worries about its promotion begin. Why is it irrational?

In the current reality, it often happens that the development of the site and its promotion are made either by different companies or by two departments of one company that are poorly coordinated with each other. It leads to many sorts of problems, when a ready-made site does not promote in search engines. You have to redo a great part of the work done during the development stage. Let's try to understand why this happens and how to avoid these troubles.

Why do I need an SEO specialist, while there is no site yet?

Briefly, there are two main answers:

• to make sure the structure and content of the site correspond to what the target audience coming from the search wants to see;

• to alignthe site with technical requirements of the search engines.

To set everything in order with the first item, the help of an SEO specialist is required at the very beginning of the site creation, when preparing the technical task for developers. To comply with the second item, you need to conduct a technical audit of a ready-made site before placing it on the Internet. Let’s understand in more detail, what is the work of SEO specialist during the site development.

Demand analysis in search engines

The SEO specialist solves this problem by collecting the semantic core. It is not necessary at this stage to collect the fullest possible semantics: the main thing is to understand how people are looking for the goods and services that the site plans to offer. This is necessary for the proper construction of the site structure.

Imagine, for example, that we have an online clothing store that sells jeans, jackets and shirts of several brands. From the owner’s point of view, it can be convenient to group all the models of clothing by brand, and within these categories – by the type of clothes. However, the SEO specialist does the semantic core analysis and sees that this structure will be inconvenient for users. They are much more likely to look, for example, for "men's jeans" instead of "jeans of brand X", so it's more logical and convenient for them to make "Jeans", "Shirts", "Jackets" top-level categories, sub-categories within them (for example, men's and women's), and arrange the goods by brands separately. If during the analysis it turns out that some narrower queries ("white men's shirts") are popular, then you can use tagged filter pages for them – there is usually no need to make too many subcategories.

Studying the needs of target audience

During the semantic analysis it can be found out that users also often search for certain information requests, for example, "how to care for jeans" or "men's shirts fashion 2018". It would seem that such queries would not directly bring you sales; however, creating additional pages for them will still be useful. As a result, previously not provided sections may appear on the site: a blog with information articles and news, answers to frequently asked questions, etc. Such pages will not only give you additional search traffic on information requests, but will also benefit customers, helping them to make choice of the goods and offering valuable information about it.

In addition, if users often search for "buy jeans in Kiev" or "leather jackets Kharkov", then it may be rational to create separate pages on the site for promotion in different cities and regions (with addresses of the regional offices, if any are available).

Analysis of competitors

Competition in search results is also important to consider when creating a commercial site. First, in terms of their number and the presence of significant market players among them, you can understand how difficult it will be to achieve high positions in ranking on targeted requests. Secondly, you can analyze the competitors’ sites and find the important functions, which should be implemented on your website. If some element of the competitors’ sites is missing or poorly developed, then this is not an excuse for not using it – on the contrary, you can use this as the strong side of your future site.

Checking the correctness of the layout

In the process of creating a site, an SEO specialist can check HTML code of the pages for the presence and correct filling of important elements for search engine optimization:

  • <title> tag;
  • header tags <h1>-<h6> (including their correct use and logical order);
  • <rel=”canonical”> tag;
  • pagination tags;
  • availability of all important content for the crawler (content should be loaded immediately, without additional user actions).

Verification of the ready-made site

Before placing the site on the hosting, in addition to the above listed indicators, it is also worth checking:

  • duplicate content and broken links;
  • the correctness of server response codes, the presence of 404 error page;
  • correct use of structured data;
  • optimized size of images on the site and much more.

Therefore, the qualified work of the SEO specialist at the stage of website development will help:

  • to consider the key needs of the target audience, to optimize the site for them;
  • to analyze the presence of competitors and their experience;
  • to identify and eliminate technical errors that may hinder the promotion of the site;
  • to implement the elements necessary for SEO at once, in order not to alter the pages in the future;
  • to make a site more qualitative and useful not only for search engines, but also for real users.

The process of developing a website with the participation of an SEO specialist usually becomes longer than without it, however this participation will save a considerable amount of time, effort and finance in the future!

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